Luvuvhu River Drive (S63)

Offering a tropical river, lush forest, baobab-strewn hills and abundant birdlife, the Luvuvhu River drive is undoubtably the most spectacular route in Kruger. The dirt road runs parallel to the river with numerous loops that take you through the jungle-like growth down to its banks, where you can see giant herds of elephants, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles. The beautiful nyala antelope, uncommon elsewhere in Kruger, are abundant here. Wild dogs are often seen hunting on the southern banks of the river and it is always worthwhile keeping an eye out for the elusive leopard.

Trees that are found elsewhere in the park are giants along this river, and with the prolific birdlife, make this area not only a Mecca for birdwatchers in Kruger, but indeed, for the whole of South Africa. And no trip to this area is complete without visiting the fever tree forest. The Pafuri picnic site is the ideal spot to have a cup of tea or coffee by the river, do some birdwatching, and just absorb the incredible scenery.

 The road eventually ends at Crooks Corner, where you can get out of the vehicle and look across the Limpopo River towards Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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