Tropic of Capricorn Loop (S143)

The 16km Tropic Of Capricorn Loop is one of our favourite drives in Kruger. It straddles the Tropic of Capricorn and midway along lies Tihongonyeni, which is arguably one of the best waterholes in Kruger. One of the largest open areas in Kruger, Tihongonyeni means “the place of the wildebeest” in Xitsonga… however, it is actually the place of many different species of animals. Its fertile grasslands support large herds of grazers, and where there are grazers there are predators, in this case, most often, lion.

It is probably the single best spot in Kruger for viewing the biggest elephant bulls in large numbers with several huge tuskers making the area their home. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place in Kruger to see such large gatherings of male elephants. A speciality of Tihongonyeni are the chances of spotting several rare antelope species, namely roan, eland and tsessebee. The birdlife at the waterhole is always rewarding and it is the best spot in Kruger to see ostriches.

When we stay at Mopani Rest Camp, this is the one road that I will always explore.

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