Mphongolo Loop (S56)

The Mphongolo Loop is considered one of the best drives in Kruger. In a wilderness area measuring over two million hectares, this is high praise indeed! And it is certainly one of our favourite roads. The dirt road follows the course of the seasonal Mphongolo River and has numerous smaller loops, each of which offers remarkable river views often with big elephant breeding herds coming down to drink in the afternoon.

Some of Kruger’s biggest and most beautiful trees grow along the banks of the Mphongolo. Beneath the massive nyalas, jackal berries, sycamore figs and tambotis, the river’s banks teem with wildlife and birds. And early in the morning this is the perfect setting for leopards. Giraffe, kudu and very large herds of buffalo are commonly seen on this drive. Despite being only 20 kilometers, we often find ourselves ambling along all its loops for a couple of hours in order to absorb all its spectacular views, imposing trees and rich and diverse wildlife.

The beautiful and vibrant colours of the trees, the amazing animal sightings, and the river itself, make this area a safari hit and a photographer’s paradise.


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