about Nandzana Safaris

Based in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, northern Kruger is our home


Why northern Kruger National Park safaris are so special to us

  • A truly remote wilderness
  • A stunning diversity of unique landscapes and habitats
  • Five of the park’s seven major rivers
  • All the iconic African wildlife
  • A birding paradise
  • Rare and endangered species of animals and birds
  • Gigantic, ancient baobabs and beautiful, eerie fever tree forests
  • Few tourists
  • Truly immersive safari experiences
  • Fantastic photograph opportunities
  • An immense sense of tranquillity and solitude that is rare to find in today’s world…



On safari, we prefer our crowds to be wildlife

Albeit southern Kruger has magnificent scenery and an amazing richness of animals, its easy access from Johannesburg and OR Tambo Airport (Africa’s busiest airport) means it has a very high number of tourists, especially packaged and day tours.

By contrast, northern Kruger’s tourist numbers are very low owing to its remoteness. The low vehicle density often gives us the amazing privilege of being able to linger on our own at a sighting, totally immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the bush.

Coincidently, Phalaborwa is an old Sotho word that means “better than the south”!


Our passion and philosophy

Our passion is taking guests to explore this beautiful part of the world. It allows us to follow our true path in life… exploring our love for the African bush and its remarkable wildlife and sharing this passion and knowledge with people of all ages.

Our philosophy is out-of-the-ordinary sightings, extraordinary experiences, unforgettable memories. 

People from all over the world come to visit the land we love… Africa and its animals attracts people from every walk in life and we feel greatly privileged to be able to welcome them and then open up the African wilderness in an experience they will never forget.

Indeed, our greatest fulfilment is seeing how this beautiful land with its incredible animals inspires our guests. 


We invite you to explore this beautiful land with us

Whether you’re planning a beautiful getaway with your partner… or a family holiday that educates and excites… or a honeymoon steeped in the peerless romance of Africa… or simply the adventure of a lifetime, we can help you create the perfect trip that will allow you to experience the true essence of the African bushveld.

The magnificent animals, the spectacular landscapes, the sense of Africa’s antiquity, the friendly people and fascinating cultures… be warned… our trips will leave you wanting to stay in Africa forever!


Our Family

Nandzana is owned by Craig and Alison Young. Craig is a highly respected guide and apart from his own guiding for Nandzana, he is also a freelance guide for the Kruger National Park, leading bush walks and night drives, and he has also been deeply involved in their anti-rhino poaching activities.

British by birth, Alison moved to South Africa after meeting Craig on a school trip she was supervising. With her educational background and organisational skills, her management expertise has merged with Craig’s unique skill set to bring this successful company to maturity.

In 2015 Craig and Alison welcomed their daughter, Tessa, allowing them to watch a child of their own grow up in the bush, sharing her parents’ passion for Africa.


Our name, Nandzana

Nandzana is the Xitsonga word for caracal. Strikingly beautiful, caracals are the largest member of Africa’s small cats, and it’s most formidable hunter, capable of leaping 10 foot into the air and catching birds in flight.

Incredibly stealthy and rarely seen, these magnificent wild cats are always a treat when we spot one out in the bush.

Taking some super guests on a safari in our Nandzana open safari vehicle
Enjoying the solitude of the northern Kruger Park on the banks of the Limpopo River
Taking some super guests on a safari in our Nandzana open safari vehicle

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