About Our Safaris

An African safari touches something deep within all of us


Our safaris are private: only you

When it is simply you and your family or friends in your own private safari vehicle all the frustrations and compromises are effectively eliminated. No strangers. No sharing. No conflicting interests. No clashing agendas. No fighting for the best seat and view.

It’s the ultimate in flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing on a Kruger National Park safari.


We don’t put restrictions or limitations on safaris

You are not bound by rigid timetables or inflexible schedules. And we don’t restrict you to shorter, limited, or inflexible game drives.

You have the flexibility and freedom each day to do what you want, when you want, and how you want to do it.


What do you want to do that day?

You can choose to spend a day out on safari from sunrise to sunset! Or lingering all morning at a waterhole watching the interactions between the animals. Or an intense morning searching for predators, followed by a lazy brunch overlooking a river and an afternoon focusing on the large herbivores… or birds… or predators… or whatever suits your interests and passions.

It’s all about what you want to do and see in the Kruger National Park!

  • time to slow down and linger

The best safaris are all about lingering

When we come across a great sighting it’s the lingering that makes it so special, allowing us to absorb the sight, the sounds, the smells, the inevitable activity that transpires. Nothing is worse than dashing from sighting to sighting with barely enough time to take a photo.

You have the choice to linger as long as you want.

  • Every moment in the bush is magic

We celebrate every moment

Nature is unpredictable. Every second in the Kruger National Park has the potential to be a big moment. And because we don’t know when the next big moment will be, we celebrate the moment that we are in.

When you enjoy all the small moments – like watching a dung beetle rolling a ball of dung across the road – you’re more likely to be rewarded by a big moment, such as a lion suddenly emerging from the bush and strolling right by us.

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