Afternoon Safari

A safari to delight and surprise you

  • A wonderful adventure

The chance to see Africa’s iconic safari animals

If there’s one thing Africa does better than anywhere else in the world, it is wildlife. And there are few wildlife experiences that can beat the undiluted thrill of an afternoon spent seeing Africa’s iconic animals from the back of an open vehicle.

From searching for the Big 5 to spotting a busy dung beetle cleaning up the veld, an afternoon in the Kruger National Park bush is a fascinating and exciting experience.

Our safaris depart from Phalaborwa Gate. We pick you up and drop you off at your Phalaborwa accommodation.


  • Waterholes can be busy

After a long dusty day in the bush

The waterholes can be busy in the afternoons as the animals, after a long dusty day, come down to have a drink or in the case of the elephants, rhinos, buffalos and warthogs cool down by immersing themselves in water and having a good old mud bath.

And in the Kruger National Park, where there are prey bathing and drinking there are very often predators lurking.


 Things get busy towards the end of an afternoon safari

As the golden light of the setting sun sweeps over the vast landscape there are some tremendous viewing opportunities. The predators begin to emerge after resting in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Their prey become ever more active and alert and this is also the time the listen out for alarm calls of various prey species.

And of course, there is always a spectacular African sunset to round off your day in the Kruger National Park.

Why we love it

We love it because seeing an African sunset’s spectacular colours splashed over the bush is a wonderful way to end your day.

We love the way the animals become more alert and active as night begins to fall, seeking out shelter or prey. The anticipation of what we might see is a thrill that never diminishes.

What's Included

Pick up and drop off in Phalaborwa

Morning tea, coffee and muffins

3.5 hour Kruger safari


R710 per person

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