Bush Walk

Experience Africa through the soles of your feet


A bush walk is a raw and untamed experience

Being on foot in the Kruger National Park bush, in the domain of wild animals, is one of the most exciting experiences life has to offer.

You have the possibility of coming across a herd of elephant or a pride of lions on a kill, or seeing hyena, hippo, giraffe, zebra and a whole host of other animals, birds, and insects going about their daily lives.


The walks are led by experienced and armed guides

The Kruger National Park guides share their intimate knowledge of the bushveld and wildlife as you walk through the bush. They show you why every single species – from an ant to a fungus to an elephant – plays such an important role in keeping the ecosystem alive and healthy.

This allows you to feel a part of the circle of life in the most incredible way.


Experience the African bush with all of your senses

In our daily lives we rarely use all our senses to their best ability. On a walk through Big Five territory in the untamed Kruger National Park you are intimately tuned in to your senses and responses, and actually experiencing how sight, sound, smell and touch play a vital part in the daily drama of life in the bush.

It is a life-changing experience.

What's Included

3 Hour morning bush walk


2 Hour afternoon bush walk

What to bring

Comfortable walking shoes

Neutral coloured clothing

Hat & sunscreen


Water & snacks

Binoculars & camera


Starting at R650 per person

Excludes entrance fees

No children under 13 years of age

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