Camp Birding

One of the great pleasures of the rest camps is the bird life


Punda Maria Camp

The far north is birding paradise and Punda Maria offers fabulous camp birding! The Flycatcher Trail provides excellent bird sightings. The bird bath attracts scores of different species, with constant activity throughout the day.

The hide attracts birds for bathing and drinking and Verreaux’s Eagle can sometimes be sighted overhead.


Shingwedzi Camp

Shingwedzi has abundant bird life in the camp and not only offers a rich variety of birds during the day, but at night there is the opportunity to see (and hear) nightjars and Scops owls.

And at dusk, you may be lucky enough to see bat hawks catching bats and swifts before the night sets in.

  • lovely water BIRDS

Mopani Camp

Inside Mopani camp the indigenous vegetation has been left as found in the wild, not only adding to the unique atmosphere of the camp, but also encouraging abundant birdlife.

Binoculars reveal a plethora of water birds around the Pioneer Dam.

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Letaba Camp

Letaba has a varied bird population and is particularly good for viewing owls at night. You may be lucky enough to see Pearl-spotted, Barred and Scops Owls in the evening.

Letaba is also one of the most bat-rich camps in Kruger, and particularly known for its resident fruit bats… a tremendous sighting of winged mammals.

  • Busy camp birdlife

Olifants Camp

Camp birding in Olifants is very rewarding. Red-winged starlings are particularly prominent. Trumpeter hornbill and pied barbet are regularly seen in camp, and when the many aloe plants in camp are in flower, they act as a magnet for sunbirds.

A pair of binoculars will reveal some amazing birdlife in the riverbed.

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