Craig believes that the true beauty of Africa lies in immersing yourself in its wilderness in a way that your world view will be changed forever

  • professional guide

Craig’s love of nature was forged as a child

Born in South Africa, he spent his childhood in the wilds of Alaska where his passion for nature and wildlife was born. At the age of 10 he went on his first Kruger National Park safari…and dreamed of one day being a safari guide. He returned to South Africa as a young teenager where his lifetime of adventuring (mainly on foot) in the bushveld began.

He freelances as a guide for the Kruger National Park on both night and walking safaris and was deeply involved in their anti-rhino poaching for many years.

  • passionate and inspiring

Connecting with Africa

His first love is the African bush and his natural charm, high energy, easy going nature and passion for Africa comes through in all that he says and does as a guide.

There is no way of feeling more connected with Africa than heading into the bush with a guide whose life has been dedicated to exploring the backroads and unlocking the best of the continent.

  • unparalleled knowledge

As your guide he shows you it all; shares it all

An expert in his field, Craig not only has an all-encompassing knowledge of the Kruger National Park, wildlife, birds, geology, trees, and grasses that only comes from experiencing the African bush on foot, but he also has a way of giving you new insights on nature, wildlife, and our own place within it.

Your experience is very personal as he learns exactly what you’re interested in seeing, and you’ll find a great continuity in your safari as you are able to reference wildlife you spoke about days before and put everything you see into context.

  • respect for nature

He respects the personal space of the animals in the bush

If a guide invades an animal’s space and causes it to alter its natural behaviour, it defeats the goal of wildlife watching – which is to observe the animals as they behave naturally and not how they respond to your presence.

By knowing exactly how close he can go to animals, Craig gives you both a fabulous sighting and the opportunity to watch the animal behaving naturally. It’s a fascinating and magical safari experience and gives you tremendous photo opportunities.

Craig Young guide leading a bush walk in the Kruger National Park
Craig Young guide at the wheel of his Land Rover safari vehicle
Craig Young guide leading a hike in Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve

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