Be captivated by an African safari like no other

  • a unique destination

Unpack. Unwind. Savour wild Africa

Like some of the best things in life, Africa is better when savoured in an unhurried, more leisurely manner, slowing the pace to allow you to properly absorb the magic of the wilderness and ease into our fabled, laid‐back African rhythm.

Meandering through the entire northern half of the Kruger National Park is just such a safari experience.

  • Diverse river habitats

Explore five of the Kruger Park’s seven major rivers

Five of the seven major rivers that stretch across the Kruger National Park’s incredible wilderness lie in the northern regions. The rivers have different ‘personalities’, and each one reflects their unique geology and landscape topography, geography, and wildlife varieties and densities.

And because in the north of the Kruger National Park most animals are found in close proximity to the major rivers these unique riverine ecosystems provide unparalleled animal viewing when you are on a safari.

  • Exploring, connecting and learning

The bush is always alive

From the smallest insect to the mighty bull elephants, the true beauty of Africa is the ability to immerse yourself in a pristine environment that is always alive with activity.

Spending more time exploring, connecting, and learning about the diverse and unique northern Kruger National Park’s landscapes – which are as diverse, animal-rich, and unique as they are beautiful – this is what resonates deeply with what it truly means to travel in Africa.

  • The essence of Africa’s wilderness

Big 5… rare animals… iconic safari animals

African wildlife is the stuff of legend and the northern Kruger National Park’s diverse landscapes teem with animals.

We don’t only want you to see these incredible animals, we also want you to experience the meaning of being in the wilderness… of being immersed in how the various ecosystems work… and also gaining an intimate understanding of the incredible wild animals and plants that call this place home.

  • the peace and beauty are profound

Connecting with nature in a hide

Hides are the most peaceful spots found in the Kruger National Park. They are rustic wooden structures with a thatched roof overlooking the water. When you are sitting alone in their cool shade, every sense comes alive. The landscape becomes a canvas of sounds, sights, colours, textures, and patterns that tell stories of the delicate balance of life in the bush.

Not only do you experience a profound sense of peace and beauty but you also get to see all the goings on as birds and animals visit the water.

  • stunning camps, spectacular views

Five lovely camps

Traversing the entire northern Kruger National Park gives us the option of staying at any or all of the five lovely camps that lie in this region, all of which have spectacular views.

Punda Maria… a beautiful little camp with a wonderful old-style Kruger National Park atmosphere. 

Shingwedzi… situated along the Shingwedzi River, it feels genuinely untouched by the passing of time.

Mopani... incredible views over Pioneer Dam.

Olifants... perched on top of a cliff overlooking the river with dramatic views in every direction.

Letaba... set high on a riverbank with a great sweeping view over the vast sandy river.

Why we love it

We love it because each day on safari in the northern Kruger Park brings new experiences and new perspectives. This safari gives us the opportunity to utterly immerse ourselves in the environment, valuing its nuances, appreciating what makes it special, and going with its natural flow.

Everyone who is lucky enough to come to this great region forms a connection to the land. It engages all the senses in ways that you cannot find elsewhere.

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