Half Day Safari

Incredible experiences unfolding all around you


Showcasing the best the Kruger National Park has to offer

From the big cats to the huge herds of elephants and buffalo, to the birds, reptiles, trees, insects, and wild landscapes, a half day safari has a multitude of delightful surprises in store for you.

The astonishing density of animals and birds and the incredibly wild, beautiful landscapes offer a spectacular wildlife experience no matter the length of a safari.


The bush is full of surprises

One of the pleasures of the bushveld is the unpredictability of what you can see, no matter the length of a safari.

We may come across a pride of lions on a night’s kill… or a herd of giraffe browsing the tree tops… or a baby impala and its mother… or a rhino at its midden… or a variety of animals interacting at a waterhole… the possibilities are endless.

  • drinking and wallowing

Animal antics at the waterholes

The waterholes are a great place to spot wildlife as they come down in the morning and evening for a drink of water and for the elephants, buffalo and warthogs to have a good wallow in the mud.

And of course, where there is prey coming to drink, we often find predators lurking.

Why we love it

We love it for the opportunity of seeing the extraordinary combination of Africa’s iconic wildlife and the beautiful landscapes and scenery.

And we love it for the deep sense of connection and feeling at one with nature that one experiences when spending half a day exploring this wonderful place.

What's Included

Pick up and drop off in Phalaborwa

Morning tea, coffee and muffins

6 hour Kruger safari


R910 per person

Half Day Safari Private:

R3600 in Total (1-10 guests)

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