South African Tourism

bush walk

From coming across a herd of giraffe, to seeing elephant, to discovering the mysteries of a termite mound, these experiences become incredibly meaningful when you feel Africa through the soles of your feet on a bush walk.

The walk is led by two experienced and armed rangers who share their intimate knowledge of the bush-veld and wildlife. Although the walks are in Big 5 areas, the main aim of these trails is to have a wilderness experience. Being on foot takes you out of the comfort out of being a vehicle and immerses you in the bush. You feel part of the environment which allows you to focus on the patterns of nature, the intricacies of tracking, the signs of animal presence, the signalling sounds of birds and game, and the inter-dependent relationships of different animals.

The guides will show you how to identify spoor (footprints) and how to track animals. They will point out telling signs of animal presence, and interpret the signalling sounds of birds and game. The 3-hour walk is set at your pace as the focus is on you tuning in to your senses and learning how sight, sound, smell and touch play a vital part in the daily drama of life in the bush.

Although this is a Kruger Park activity we can arrange on your behalf. 

What's included

3-hour bush walk in the Kruger Park | Highly experienced and fully registered professional guides | Use of binoculars | Picnic breakfast and soft drinks. 



From R460pp - + 1% community levy. The rates depend upon at which camp you are doing the walk. We will get accurate quotes for once you decide upon your accommodation.