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why our safaris are different

After many years as owners of a luxury guest lodge bordering the Kruger Park and as safari guides within the park we realised that the secret to a great safari experience lies not in your lodge selection, specific itinerary, or season of travel… it lies in you having the flexibility and freedom to do what you want, when you want, and how you want.

Different people are all

interested in different things

This isn’t a problem until these different interests start competing with one another on a mixed group safari. There is little more frustrating than if, for example, birds aren’t your cup of tea… predators are!... but one person in the group wants to spend forever photographing some little bird in a tree – while you are anxious to follow a pride of lions getting ready to hunt. (It’s also pretty frustrating for the guide trying to juggle conflicting needs and interests as he inevitably has to compromise… and who wants compromise on your once-in-a-lifetime safari?)

Elephant Herd Wild Dog and Buffalo Oxpeckers
This safari is just you in your own private safari vehicle. No-one else!

Just you and your spouse, partner, family or friends… in your own private safari vehicle with your own private expert guide. No-one else.

100% private = 100% free choice

When it is simply you and your family or friends in your own private game viewing vehicle - no-one else - with a guide all the frustrations and compromises are effectively eliminated: 

You decide which animals and habitats to seek out. You may choose to focus on the Big 5. Or you may choose to focus on predators (lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog). Or you may choose to focus on the large herbivores (elephant, giraffe, rhino, zebra, etc.) Or you may choose to focus on birds. Or you may choose to focus on a mix of species. With a private safari you get to spend the time enjoying the animal species that interests you.

You get to decide how long to spend with each sighting. 

You choose the number and duration of game drives. If you enjoy wildlife viewing from sunrise to sunset, that’s what you do. If you prefer a more leisurely pace with two or three shorter game-drives each day… that’s what you do. It’s all your choice.

The bottom line is total flexibility to meet your interests: You choose when you go out on game drives, when you return, how long you stay viewing each animal, when you eat, when you relax – it is all up to you.


companion | teacher | expert

A privately guided safari offers authenticity that's hard to come by in a standard group package experience. Your private guide is personally involved in every aspect of your safari, from planning the intricate details with you to guiding your safari, acting as your host, and revealing the wonders and surprises of the Kruger Park that are often out of reach for the typical traveller. Not only will he be your companion and teacher but he will also focus his complete attention on ensuring that you have the trip of a lifetime, tailor making each day to maximize your interests to make sure each day exceeds your wildest dreams. His unbridled enthusiasm, knowledge, and good humour infuse your safari with the elements that make it an experience that will impact you for the rest of your life.