An incredibly scenic mountain wilderness

  • tangled trees and bubbling water

Lekgalameetse’s lush indigenous forests

The indigenous forests of Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve hold a magical appeal with their tall and tangled trees, trees, ferns, forest flora and fungi, fabulous birds, swarms of butterflies and charming Samango monkeys.

The word Lekgalameetse means ‘Place of Water’ in the Pedi language, and the nature reserve couldn’t have a more apt name for crystal clear mountain streams flow everywhere, bubbling over rocks and waterfalls, and collecting in lovely rockpools in which you can swim.

  • feeling on top of the world

Vast rolling hilltops

It is an amazing visual contrast to drive out of the lush forest and up into sweeping grassland hilltops cut by deep ravines and gorges.

Misty mornings, dramatic mountain backdrops and incredible views make this is a place of rare beauty.

And when the road runs out you can get out of the vehicle and explore it on foot.

  • butterflies and flowers

Butterflies flutter everywhere

Lekgalameetse is famous for its unique butterfly population. A dazzling 268 species inhabit this beautiful reserve.

Even if you visit outside of the ‘butterfly season’ (between October and May), you will see clouds of butterflies fluttering everywhere.

  • beauty everywhere you look

Birds, flora and animals

With its exceptionally diverse and beautiful flora of well over 1 700 species, a remarkable variety of birds are found here, among which are several rare and endangered species.

All sorts of animals call this beautiful wilderness home – zebra, baboons, vervet and samango monkeys, mongooses, jackals, caracals and elusive leopards.

  • explore the wilderness

Walks, swims and picnics

Unlike the Kruger National Park with all its predators, guests are not restricted to the vehicle and you can explore Lekgalameetse on foot and swim in the crystal clear rivers.

You can hike, picnic in beautiful spots, or just sit and disconnect from our overly busy world.

  • Tranquility and beauty

Matutsi Camp

There are beautiful wooden bungalows set on stilts alongside the Makhutswe river in the beautiful forest. They are very comfortably furnished and have everything one needs for full self-catering.

There is also a charming old farmhouse for larger groups.

Why we love it

Lekgalameetse is surely one of the most serene places on earth. The sparkling rivers, tangled forests and misty mountaintops are the exquisite combination of nature and beauty in perfect harmony.

We love the fact that we can explore dense indigenous forests and vast rolling hilltops… and that you can get out of the Land Rover and walk in this place of majestic mountains and a quietness not found often in our everyday lives.

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