Night Safari

Predators prowl the African night


The chance to see predators on the hunt

Far from being a period of quiet, the bushveld at night is a very busy place indeed.

After the sun has set, the predators go about their business of hunting and, aided by powerful spotlights, you have a good chance of seeing lions stalking their prey. Or a leopard, silently using the cover of night. Or a group of hyena, hunting and scavenging.


The shy and elusive nocturnal creatures come out

The African night is also full of mysterious animals that you never see by the light of day… owls, bush babies, aardvarks, genets, nightjars, porcupines, and many others.

And although you see them during the daylight, the sight of elephants trudging silently through the moonlight or hippos on their long walkabouts foraging far from the riverbanks is unforgettable.


The sound of the night is breathtaking

The choir of sounds you hear at night in the bush is a chorus of frogs, birds, and mammals. The iconic lion’s roar or hyena’s whooping call often reverberate across the bush. And little sounds as perilous in the dark as the deep, guttural rasping sound made by a leopard.

And look up! With no light pollution around, the brilliant display of Southern Hemisphere stars are as wild and captivating as the animals that inhabit Kruger below them.

What's Included

3 hour Kruger night safari


Starting at R490 per person

Excludes entrance fees

No children under 6 years old

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