Our Land Rovers

Land Rover is an essential part of the Nandzana experience

  • Thrilling animal encounters 

Open Land Rover Safari Vehicle

Open Land Rover Safari Vehicles are specially designed for optimum game viewing. Its high ride height is fantastic for game viewing in the Kruger National Park and it is roomy and comfortable, with plenty of space for your camera, binoculars and other safari gear. It has roll-down canvas canopies that can close if the weather becomes un-cooperative.

And it is fully air-conditioned. . . with fresh bushveld air!

  • Great for families with children

Closed Land Rover Safari Vehicle

Some people enjoy the comfort and luxury of a closed Land Rover safari vehicle. Fitted with air-conditioning, it is ideal for those who are used to the cooler climates and can’t handle hot days.

It is also a great option for families with young kids. It’s ideal if you have kids under the age of 6 as they are not permitted on open vehicles in the park. It can also be fitted with a car seat for a baby.

  • Keeping the safari vehicles spacious

Off Road Trailer

Our safari trailer frees up the space on the safari vehicle. Luggage for 1-5 people fits out of the way on the open safari vehicle but more than 5 people require the use of the trailer.

More often than not, the closed Landie requires the use of the trailer for maximum space and comfort in the vehicle while on your Kruger National Park safari.

  • Comfort in the bush

Fully stocked for comfort

Your Kruger National Park safari experience involves many exciting hours viewing wildlife – and we want you to enjoy every second of it! As such, our Land Rover safari vehicles carry on-board tea and coffee, a cooler box of iced waters, reference books, fleecy blankets for chilly mornings, spare binoculars and first aid kits.

Our safari vehicles also carry all the necessary permits and licenses, as well as substantial passenger liability insurance.

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