Two Rivers Safari

Kruger’s rivers… dramatic wildlife interactions

  • Beautiful scenery

Animals are found in close proximity to the rivers

safari In the northern Kruger National Park most animals are found in close proximity to the major rivers, particularly in winter when the waterholes dry up and the rain clouds disappear. Two of the the Kruger National Park’s most important (and beautiful) rivers – the Olifants and the Letaba – bisect the park. They are both perennial rivers, providing water all year long to the animals.

This region offers an incredibly scenic with its varied vegetation of mopaneveld, mixed grass plains, riverine forests, riverine bush, pockets of marshland and the rocky Lebombo mountain range to the east.

  • a wild, perennial river

Olifants River

The Olifants River divides the north from the south of the Kruger National Park and meandering slowly along its rich tree-lined banks allows you to experience the moods and the majesty of this wild, perennial African river. Lookout points allow you to pause and soak in the sights and sounds of the riverine bush and the majestic wildlife that live in the river or come to drink, forage, or hunt.

The confluence of the two rivers lies in the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains about ten kilometres downstream from Olifants camp; a beautiful wild spot to visit.

  • Vast sand banks

Letaba River

The personality of the Letaba River is very different from that of the Olifants. It is a beautiful, wide waterway that threads its way through the extensive sand banks along the rocky bed. Its banks are more open and less tree-lined that many of the other Kruger National Park rivers, allowing visitors a better view of the water and of all the animals and birds that make use of this life-sustaining water source.

Elephants, buffalo, zebra, impala and many other game species follow the numerous game paths to this river in the late afternoon – and lions, hyenas and other predators, knowing this, are often spotted waiting for them.

  • all the iconic African safari animals

Spectacular animal viewing

The entire region is home to elephants, buffalo, zebra, waterbuck, impala, kudu, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, wildebeest, warthogs, baboons and monkeys, to mention but a few. And of course the predators are ever-present – lions, leopard, hyenas and cheetah.

The birdlife is spectacular. Birds of prey are numerous and in the summer all the migrants from Eurasia and other parts of Africa fill the trees and air.

  • be in the moment

Connect with nature on your safari

There are beautiful scenic designated areas where it is safe for us to get out of the vehicle while on your Kruger National Park safari. They allow you to be completely present in the bush and connect with nature, using all of your senses to absorb the beauty, peace and tranquillity of the wild, untouched bushveld.

  • spectacular river views

Olifants Camp

Perched on top of a high cliff overlooking the Olifants River, this is surely the most spectacularly situated camp in the Kruger National Park with dramatic views in all directions. The views of the river are absolutely breathtaking. There are invariably elephants, crocs, hippos and buffalo on the river banks and quite often lions are spotted on the hills across the river. There are also striking views out over the mixed woodlands and Lebombo Mountains.

The camp offers bungalows and guest houses. Its restaurant’s deck overlooks the river, and the camp has a swimming pool and well-stocked shop.

  • stunning view over the river

Letaba Camp

Letaba is set high on a riverbank with a great sweeping view over the vast sandy river where elephant and buffalo come down to drink, along with a host of other animals. The camp has magnificent trees beneath which a population of bushbuck wander around freely.

The Elephant Hall is an absolute must-see. Everything you want to know about our elephant friends is all there in one beautiful hall. It also showcases the colossal tusks of the park’s greatest tuskers of years gone by.

The camp’s restaurant’s deck overlooks the river, and the camp has a swimming pool and well-stocked shop.

Why we love it

We love African rivers. They are the lifeblood of the continent, supporting the incredible variety of wildlife and flora. We love the fabulous stories rivers tell of the landscape through which they run and of the animals that live there.

We love how rivers provide for some of the the most dramatic wildlife interactions. And watching the sun rise over either of the rivers, always surprised by the unpredictability of what we see and hear, is our favourite way to spend a couple of hours before breakfast.

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