Unusual Camp Activities

There is always something interesting to do in Kruger’s camps


Check the sightings boards

It’s always interesting to check out the sightings boards in the camps to find out what wildlife has most recently been seen. The sighting boards include a map of the area with magnets which represent some of the most well-known animals in the park – a buffalo, cheetah, elephant, leopard, lion, rhino and wild dog.

Not only can you see where these animals have been seen, but if you’ve seen one of these animals on your safari, you can also put a magnet on the map to mark where you saw it.


Connect with trees

Trees are beautiful and majestic, provide aesthetic beauty with their endless variety of forms, textures and shapes, give food and shelter to a plethora of birds, animals and insects, not to mention provide the planet with oxygen. All the camps have beautiful, indigenous trees with nameplates for identification.

Take a slow walk around the camp getting to know its trees, and allowing yourself to pause, reflect, and reconnect under these magnificent wonders of nature.

  • the ultimate surround sound

Listen to the sound of the bush at night

There is an essence of magic to be found in being in a rest camp after sunset for beyond the camp the dark is full of amazing sounds of the bushveld at night. Tuning in to the sounds is an extraordinary experience… insects, frogs, owls, the eerie sound of nightjars, perhaps lions roaring, hyenas laughing, and the deep, guttural rasping sound of a leopard.

No-one is ever immune to the magic of the sounds of an African night.

  • interesting neighbours

Check out the other camp residents

The camps host more than human residents… tree squirrels, bats, fruit bats, vervet monkeys, bush babies, baboons, amazing insects and frogs all make the camps their home, not to mention gorgeous birds and owls. You never know what you may spot as you stroll around the camp.

Letaba is famous for its resident herd of bushbuck who have become very tame and wander freely amongst the bungalows.

  • stars galore

Look up and be dazzled

With no light pollution, one of the most awe-inspiring sights at night is the brilliant display of Southern Hemisphere stars, among them the iconic Southern Cross. The rich southern Milky Way’s dazzling river of stars arch across the night sky. You’ll get superb views of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds – two extraordinary galaxies visible to the naked eye that are too far south for northern hemisphere viewers.

Exploring the southern night sky with a pair of binoculars is absolutely amazing.

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